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Companies operating in international trade face multiple challenges in organizing logistic flow

Companies operating in international trade face multiple challenges with every market they try to target, due to the difficulties of creating an optimum product delivery infrastructure, including mainly the logistic area of the process – knowing that, the success of a business involved in import and export activities depends up to 40% on the effectiveness and promptness of the logistic companies involved in this process.

A logistic company acts like a bridge between, on one side – the companies involved in manufacturing and/or delivering products and, on the other side – the customers of these companies, having for this reason, a true responsibility regarding the professional level that should adopt when meeting the objectives committed to its clients. Logistics is known for its long history, at the beginning being mostly applied in military field, where it was seen as part of the art of war, with the purpose to manage the troop movements and military resources. Thus, Alexander the Great, during his campaign in Asia, was planning both the troop movements and the organization of ration dumps and animal feed storage; also, in the Romanian Empire, there was an officer that occupied the logista position, who was in charge with the legions movement, food supply and camp organization during nights and winters. On Economics, the first preoccupations on logistics were identified at the beginning of the 20th century, but its establishment as a new domain was recorded in the middle of the ‘70th in USA and at the beginning of the ‘80th in Europe. The importance of logistics within companies is currently widely recognized, being mostly seen as a competitive advantage, while others established new concepts, like „supply chain management”.

Container Filler & Logistics is a specialized company in logistic services which successfully operates in Constanța seaport, where all the warehouses and the infrastructure of the company are established. Our company fully understands the responsibility it has towards its customers as well as the multiple roles it should fulfil:

  • Our company pursues your interests, representing you practically as a lawyer in front of customs authorities, as well as in front of your commercial partners in case of freight damaged goods, for example.
  • It is the partner you need who helps you to better penetrate a new retail market by advising you on matters like legislation, transport and effective sale of products on local, national and international markets.
  • It provides advice on matters related to custom legislation, as well as payment of customs duties and VAT for storage in Constanța free zone, depending on how the goods are sold, either on Romanian market or abroad.
  • It is the fundamental link for a timely and proper delivery of goods, providing real time cargo management solutions and flexible and efficient methods for selling goods on domestic and international markets.

Outsourcing of logistic services has the main advantage that it allows carrying specific logistic activities by a specialized company in the field, with years of experience and a vast know-how acquired after a rich casework in this regard. Also, the financial effort is considerably less when using the services of a specialized company, especially if the necessities are periodical, rather than organizing an entire internal department that must operate permanently. As for our company, the customers of Container Filler & Logistics benefit from an entire pack of logistic services, in Constanța seaport, namely: (1) storage services in Constanța seaport, the main gate of entrance at Black Sea for cargo related to import and export operations, also, offering our clients free storage for the first 30 days, (2) loading and unloading containers, a fast and effective service carried out with a German technology, container filler, unique in Constanța seaport, that allows loading up to 60 m3 of cargo in 10 minutes, directly on the truck chassis, (3) packing, repackaging and palletizing cargo using stretch folio for loading in containers, (4) real time cargo management solutions, (5) advisory and preparing custom documents for cargo, (6) internal and external transport for containerized goods, (7) ecological management of waste resulting from cargo storage and transportation.

A trusted partner in logistic field is a major competitive advantage and a first step when targeting new markets. The logistic flow is easier to maintain when a dedicated company deals closely with every aspect involved in the logistic process which can sometimes make a difference between success and failure, in a strongly competitive environment, such as the product trade.

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