Packing, Repackaging, Palletizing Cargo Constanta Seaport

Packing, repackaging, palletizing cargo for loading in containers

We provide packing, repackaging and palletizing services for bulk cargo and big bags, delivered for import and export to efficiently load in the container.

Packing Repackaging Palletizing Cargo for loading in Containers
  • Packing and repackaging cargo to optimize the available space in the container
  • Repackaging bulk cargo and big bags
  • Palletizing goods for import and export operations
  • The service includes a Quality Inspection Report inside the package

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Palletizing goods

When palletizing goods, a certain amount of cargo is packed and managed as a whole for transportation at the destination.

Quality Inspection Report

We provide Quality Inspection Report inside the package.

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FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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