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Shipping Container Construction Customization

An idyllic space, in an isolated setting

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Container offices
Container resort, in Serdang, Malaysia

Container resort, in Serdang, Malaysia

Container Home Living Benefits:

  • A super-economical solution for comfortable homes: You cut from the start the expenses related with the labour and materials for digging and building the foundation, creating resistance structures and building the walls and the roof.
  • Fast construction: The shipping container is modified mostly on the constructor building site, and the operations can be monitored closely by the end-user: painting, interior insulation, plumbing for sanitary facilities, interior design. At the end, the container house is transported and put into the position, exactly where it should be.
  • Fully customizable: The living space can be customized in a wide variety of styles, to look exactly the way you like.
  • Classic and Modern Architectural Projects: Shipping containers are robust and durable modular units that allow construction of complex buildings, both vertically and horizontally: partitioning, open-spaces, wide windows and robust interior and exterior doors. Further, you can build multi-storey buildings and open terraces.
  • Eco-efficiency: Modular constructions have a minimum impact on the environment and generate low carbon emissions, compared with the traditional constructions.

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Currently, the shipping containers are manufactured in accordance with the international standards issued by ISO and meet the requirements on safety, dimensions and resistance in difficult environments.

ISO: International Standards:

  • ISO 668:2013 Series 1 freight containers - Classification, dimensions and ratings
  • ISO 1496-1:2013 Series 1 freight containers - Specification and testing—Part 1: General cargo containers for general purposes

Standard ISO shipping container dimensions 20, 40, 45, 48 and 53 ft.

By having standard dimensions, the shipping containers are ideal modular construction units and can be arranged both horizontally and vertically, allowing building constructions with different shapes: multi-storey buildings, exterior terraces, patios.

Durable and resistant to bear high loads and weight

Shipping containers are reinforced with steel structure and are able to bear the weight of the entire cargo when vertically arranged. Further, they are manufactured from solid steel sheets, with high resistance to burglary attempts.

Shipping containers are weather- and vermin-proofed

Shipping containers can be used across different modes of transport: from ship, rail, and truck, to plane – without unloading and reloading their cargo; therefore they are weather resistant (rain, salty air, cold and high temperatures) and vermin and rodent proof, in order not to contaminate the cargo that is shipped.

We provide Modular Construction and Customizations:

  • We buy and we sell shipping containers: Containers of 20' DV/HC or 40' DV/HC
  • Shipping containers modifications and customizations: From transportation usage, to living spaces: offices, houses, sanitary spaces (toilets, showers)
  • Containers maintenance and reparations: sanitation, blasting, painting
Modular constructions: container housing

Modular constructions: container housing

Container store

Container store

Container offices and sheds

Container offices and sheds

Sanitary containers: toilets and showers

Sanitary containers: toilets and showers

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