Storage Services - Warehouse in Constanta Seaport

Storage Services of Goods, Warehouse in Constanta Seaport

We offer medium and short term storage services for goods, that are to be loaded into containers for import and export operations, in Constanta seaport. FREE Storage for the first 30 Days!

Warehouse, Storage services in Constanta seaport
  • Storage of goods for loading in containers, FREE Storage for the first 30 days
  • Medium and short term storage
  • Increased safety: secure and supervised area 24/24, 7/7
  • Indoor and outdoor storage locations
  • Flexible schedule for warehouse operations

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Fast and efficiently handling goods

A dedicated and efficient team working in a perfect synergy to meet all the clients' objectives.

Indoor and outdoor storage locations

Goods are stored properly, indoor or outdoor, as required.

Supervised area 24/24, 7/7

Increased security of goods: the merchandise in our custody is safe with us

Other logistic services:

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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Constanta Seaport, Gate 2, SORENA Platform, Constanta, Romania