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Container Filler technology, unique in Constanta port, ensures fast loading or unloading cargo in containers. Load your goods fast and safe!

Container filler: loading cargo in containers

  • German technology for loading and unloading cargo containers, unique in Constanta seaport
  • Suitable for any type of goods
  • Load up to 60 m3 of cargo in 10 minutes
  • Take up to 84% of the available space
  • Load directly on the truck chassis, no damage 100%, in standard containers, ISO 20, 40, 45ft

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Load directly on the truck

Cargo is loaded fast, directly on the truck chassis, completely safe.

10 minutes

The fastest technology of loading and unloading containers, in Constanta seaport.

Low handling costs

Only one human operator is sufficient to load cargo efficiently into the container.

Other logistic services:

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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Container Filler

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