The Most Effective Loading Containers Technology

Advantages of Container Filler Technology

Container Filler Services provide loading containers in the Port of Constanta, without loss of time and without damage to the goods

TUV Austria Certificate

TÜV Certification AUSTRIA

A TÜV AUSTRIA logo means trust and is an objective evidence of product quality. TÜV AUSTRIA certified products have an expanded competitive advantage. Worldwide acceptance of proof of the TÜV AUSTRIA certificate is guaranteed by the intense cooperation with authorities, factories, standards committees and research institutions. Quality, reliability and a new dimension of economic efficiency.

Loading Operations

Loading Containers Technology

Loading any type of goods, regardless of size and weight, in standard containers ISO of 20 or 40

  • The Container Filler system consists of a stable skeleton called base frame, which is height adjustable
  • The base frame can be docked to any standard maritime container transportation vehicles
  • The base frame supports the mobile frame which is adjusted to the appropriate height for loading
  • The mobile frame is mounted on rollers that can be pneumatically adjusted by height
  • The mobile frame brings the goods into the container
  • Leverage mobile frame is possible through the engine and chain transmission
  • After the goods have been placed into the container, the mobile frame is lowered and retracted. The pallet with the goods was loaded quickly and without damages into the container
  • Tolerances are calculated so that the goods can be easily downloaded to the destination by any method

The Perfect System of Loading... fill standard containers of 20ft/40ft/45ft with heavy and extra-large cargo

Container Filler Design

Low Costs

  • No more transportation in special containers
  • One person to carry the container loading operation
  • No special/additonal transportation costs


  • Loading time per container: 10 minutes
  • Container loading operation is performed directly on the truck`s chassis


  • Any type of cargo can be loaded into standard containers – 20, 40, 45ft
  • Only one single lifting equipment
  • Loading equipment position can be easily adjusted


  • Loading containers with no damages of the goods
  • Goods can be fixed before being loaded into the container
  • TUV certification
  • CE ecologic certification

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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