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The secret of our success comes from over 18 years of experience in exporting goods, the team spirit, courage and confidence we overcome the opportunities provided by the technology development in this field, increasingly dynamic, which we easely adapt to.

Container Filler is the only supplier of this container loading service from Constanta port and Romania.

Container Filler About Us

Container Filler was created in 2013, due to the fluidization needed for the process of loading goods in the containers, in Constanta port, with the objective of solving, quickly and efficiently, the loading problems that the companies involved in goods transportation are facing with.

Usually, loading heavy or large goods in standard containers was a complicated, long-lasting process, that requiried a lot of manpower and that involved auxiliary equipment. Often, atypical loading cargo was not possible with conventional technology for loading containers, needing alternatives with higher costs than for a standard container load.

A technological study conducted by our specialists concluded that these problems can be overcome with a modern loading system developed in Germany, whose implementation is already made in ports all over the world.

Container Filler is the first company in Romania introducing in Constanta port this new system, aligning the container loading services to those in major international ports.

The new technology allows Container Filler customers to upload any type of goods in standard containers, at low costs, with no restrictions, eliminating all the problems they were forced to face with in the past.

Container Filler Advantages

Transportation costs reduced by up to 50%

Goods of high volume or weight does not require loading in special containers, they can be loaded into standard containers (ISO container – 20ft/40ft/45ft), thereby reducing substantially the additional transportation costs.

Loading costs reduced by up to 60%

The Container Filler loading technology does not require lifting equipment or skilled staff to operate them. It also has a low consumption of resources and thus, we can maintain the lowest price for our customers.

Faster loading operations by 70%

The Container Filler loading technology enables easy loading of containers directly on the vehicle chassis, without requiring its settlement to the ground. We can accept all current chassis.

Space saving up to 84%

Loading goods in container is distributed intelligently, using all available space as possible. Using the full capacity of the container is for us an important part of efficiency in our loading services.

Environmentally friendly, low consumption and emissions reduced by up to 90%

Eliminating the auxiliary machinery for container loading operations and the latest technology ensure an environmental friendly performance with energy consumption and much lower emissions compared to conventional methods.

Loading goods in container with no damages up to 99%

Our specially trained staff and the performances of the new technology of container loading guarantee fast and efficient loading of goods, no risks, managing to eliminate damages at a rate of nearly 100%.

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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