Servicii Logistică Port Constanța

Logistic Services in Constanta Seaport

Container Filler & Logistics is the partner you need in Constanta seaport, for warehousing and logistics services for goods passing through the Black Sea.

Storage of Goods, Warehouse in Constanta Seaport

  • Storage of goods for loading in containers, FREE Storage for the first 30 days
  • Medium and short term storage
  • Increased safety: secure and supervised area 24/24, 7/7
  • Indoor and outdoor storage locations
  • Flexible schedule for warehouse operations

Warehouse, Storage services in Constanta seaport

Container filler: loading cargo in containers

Services of Loading / Unloading Cargo in Containers

  • German technology for loading and unloading cargo containers, unique in Constanta seaport
  • Suitable for any type of goods
  • Load up to 60 m3 of cargo in 10 minutes
  • Take up to 84% of the available space
  • Load directly on the truck chassis, no damage 100%, in standard containers, ISO 20, 40, 45ft

Packing, repackaging, palletizing cargo for loading in containers

  • Packing and repackaging cargo to optimize the available space in the container
  • Repackaging bulk cargo and big bags
  • Palletizing goods for import and export operations
  • The service includes a Quality Inspection Report inside the package

Packing Repackaging Palletizing Cargo for loading in Containers
Assistance and Preparations of Transportation Documents

Assistance and Preparations of Transportation Documents

  • Assistance in obtaining the ITRSV code for the commodity arrived
  • Preparation of Shipping Notice
  • Preparation of Customs Declaration
  • Preparation of EUR 1 Certificate
  • Preparation of Phytosanitary Certificate

Other logistic services:

Real time cargo management

Real time cargo management solutions

Worldwide Transportation of cargo containers

Transportation Services in Romania and worldwide transportation of cargo containers

Logistic Services: Waste Management in Transportation Constanta seaport

Logistic Services: Waste Management in Transportation

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

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