Container Filler: The Most Effective Technology of Loading Containers, Unique in Constanta Seaport

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Professional Logistics Services in Constanta Seaport

Our company operates directly in the Constanta seaport and, at the present moment, is the only company that provides the container filler technology which is widely implemented in the seaports around the world.

Assistance and Preparations of Transportation Documents

Assistance and Preparations of Transportation Documents

Real time cargo management

Real time cargo management solutions

Worldwide Transportation of cargo containers

Transportation Services in Romania and worldwide transportation of cargo containers

FREE Storage

» We provide FREE Storage of merchandises up to 30 calendar days, before loading

Container Filler Advantages

Advantages of Container Filler Technology

Container Filler was created in 2013, due to the need for fluidity the goods loading process in containers in Constanta seaport, with the objective of solving, quickly and efficiently, the loading problems the companies involved in goods transportation are facing with

TUV Austria Certificate

TÜV Certification AUSTRIA

A TÜV AUSTRIA logo means trust and is an objective evidence of product quality. TÜV AUSTRIA certified products have an expanded competitive advantage. Worldwide acceptance of proof of the TÜV AUSTRIA certificate is guaranteed by the intense cooperation with authorities, factories, standards committees and research institutions. Quality, reliability and a new dimension of economic efficiency.

Load up to 60 square meters of cargo, in 10 minutes, with no damage, Direct Transshipment Truck – Container

Take up to 84% of the available space by evenly distribute the cargo in the container

Cut the extra costs of loading and delivery and other costs of additional personnel for handling and operating

Service Certified by TÜV AUSTRIA which attests the high quality of our loading goods technology


Container loading system with the lowest energy consumption and emissions


The only provider in Constanta port of container loading services which embraced this German technology


The technology offers the fastest and most efficient way to load containers today


Loading the goods in container and unloading them at destination, without damages, completely safe

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Constanța Seaport is Suffocating under the Burden of Cargo Containers. - An agglomeration like this, I haven’t seen in the last 15-20 years - Lucrețiu Cerveni


Constanța Seaport is Suffocating under the Burden of Cargo Containers. "An agglomeration like this, I haven’t seen in the last 15-20 years" Lucrețiu Cerveni

The Romanian Government should ask the European Union for a 30-year loan of 1 billion euros without interest to double the capacity of Constanța seaport, to become the new Black Sea gateway of the Eastern Europe.

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Container Filler & Logistics: State-of-Art Logistic Services in Constanța Seaport

Companies operating in international trade face multiple challenges with every market they try to target, due to the difficulties of creating an...

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Carriers blank more sailings as transpacific box rates continue to fall

A blanked sailing from the 2M+HMM grouping on the transpacific this week failed to halt the further erosion of freight rates...

Container Filler

Constanta Seaport, Gate 2, SORENA Platform, Constanta, Romania