Container Filler & Logistics: A strategic partner on logistic services, in Constanța Seaport

Logistic Services, Constanta seaport


Logistic services play an important role in companies' development and increasing their profitability, being the link that connects the companies to their end-users, the ramp through which the companies' products are delivered to their clients and an excellent indicator to measure how the companies' products are moving on the market. Logistics is quantifying the ongoing and dedicated effort of the experts in the field who ensure that each product arrives on time, anywhere in the world, in best conditions, being essentially an adjacent service provided by a third party that has a significance influence on the clients' satisfaction in relation to the companies' products. Under these circumstances, it is obvious the responsibility a logistic company has towards the companies that are selling goods, as the professionalism they show in carrying out their activities of transport, storage services, and distribution of goods has a significant impact on the companies' reputation that acquire these logistic services to deliver their goods to the end clients. Therefore, it is a real challenge to find a reliable and long-term partner for the logistic services that every company that operates on external markets needs.

Container Filler & Logistics successfully operates in logistic sector, providing professional services in Constanța seaport, where all the company's warehouses and infrastructure for handling products that are passing through this seaport, either for import or export, are located. Being aware of the huge responsibility of a maritime logistic company it has in relation with its partners, Container Filler & Logistics is dedicated to meet all the clients' objectives, with professionalism and excellence when carrying all the services it provides: (1) cargo storage for loading in containers, offering free storage for the first 30 days; (2) loading and unloading standard containers ISO 20 or 40, using a modern and fast German technology, container filler, which allows loading and unloading cargo directly on the truck's chassis, completely safe and with no damage on cargo 100%; (3) packing and repackaging cargo for import and export operations; (4) palletizing cargo using stretch folio for bulk cargo or big bags; (5) assistance and preparation of transport documents, that include: assistance in obtaining ITRSV code for the commodity arrived, preparation of shipping notice, custom declarations, EUR 1 Certificate, Phytosanitary certificate; (6) reporting and real time monitoring of freight quantities; (7) domestic transport in Romania and external transport routes for containerized cargo; (8) waste management in relation with cargo transportation, in accordance with the provisions of laws in force.

Our company's differentiators between us and our competition, regarding the logistic services we provide, include: (1) our warehouses are located in Constanța seaport, the main gateway at Black Sea where goods are entering or leaving the country - which allow storing a significant amount of products for containerization, with free storage for the first 30 days; (2) container filler technology, unique in Constanța seaport, for loading and unloading cargo in containers; (3) a fast and efficient team of professionals, considering that time is one of the most important asset in every company: container filler technology allows loading up to 60 m3 of cargo, in 10 minutes, using one human operator. Further, due to its design, the equipment allows maximum use of the space in container, taking up to 84% of the available space, being ideal for any type of commodity: lumber, metallic parts, playwood, metal beams, construction materials and food. A fast service that allows optimum loading of the container brings value added to the company that sells goods, as it increases the quantity of the products sold, it reduces handling costs up to 60%, and allows maintaining the profit share at a lower selling price, a significant advantages towards the competitors' products.

Every product that reaches its destination in excellent condition is an objective easy to achieve when collaborating with a team of professionals who capitalize the time and efficiency in advantage of its partners. Since its establishment, the mission of our company is in accordance with our partners' objectives regarding a good management of storing goods and transportation to the end client, in a fast and efficient manner. The satisfaction of the clients of our partners is recommending us as being worthy of the trust given to us with every task received and completed, the main catalyst for long-term business partnerships.

Container Filler

Constanta Seaport, Gate 2, SORENA Platform, Constanta, Romania