Container Filler: The most efficient technology for loading/unloading cargo containers, unique in Constanta seaport

Loading and Unloading Cargo in Containers


Container Filler & Logistics is a Romanian company that operates in Constanta seaport where it provides premium logistic services of loading and unloading cargo in standard ISO 20 or 40 containers, by using a modern and fast technology, made in Germany, which is already used on a large scale in maritime ports around the world.

Being the largest port on the Black Sea, Constanta seaport is an important transport hub of cargo through the Romanian territory, either as imports of goods from other countries of the world, or as product exports from Romania to different other states around the globe. Rotation of goods is an efficient indicator of the companies' financial performance. The more goods move faster and reach their destination, the higher are the company's profits while consolidating its leading position on the market by taking part of the market share of its competitors.

Our company aims to streamline the operating activities of its partners, by providing a fast service of loading and unloading goods in containers, directly on the truck’s chassis, 100% damage free to the commodities. Thus, the technology we provide to our partners allows loading and unloading up to 60 m3 of cargo in 10 minutes, in full safety. Further, our method for loading containers provides the possibility of fast packing and repackaging goods where it is needed, ensuring an optimal distribution of the goods in container by taking up to 84% of the available space.

The container filler technology is successfully replacing the slow and traditional manner of loading goods in containers. Only one lifting equipment is needed to place the goods on the mobile frame of the equipment, therefore eliminating additional human resources involved in handling procedures and other costs with auxiliary equipment.

The service provided by our company is quality certified. The technology used for loading and unloading cargo in containers is certified by TÜV AUSTRIA. TÜV AUSTRIA certified equipments have a broad competitive advantage over competing products on the market, as they are designed and developed to carry work tasks in an optimal and efficient manner. Further, this technology is ecological, with a minimum impact on the environment.

Since our establishment in 2013 until the present moment, our company has continuously provided premium port services of loading and unloading containers, while consolidating its leading position in this segment. A trusted partner who performs the works in a fast and optimal manner is a real benefit to every company that aims to streamline its operations related to the transportation of its merchandise through the port of Constanta. The reputation of a company is its most valuable asset, as it is the most difficult to acquire, by cultivating a long-term business relationship and by providing a professional and qualitative service with every occasion.

Container Filler

Constanta Seaport, Gate 2, SORENA Platform, Constanta, Romania